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Ocean Specialists Inc. Achieves Major Milestone in Gulf of Thailand

Ocean Specialists Incorporated (OSI) reports that 11 major oil and gas company offshore platforms located in the Gulf of Thailand are now connected to shore via a submarine fiber optic network. This caps a six-year, groundbreaking involvement by OSI in developing the initial technical feasibility and then the detailed commercial business model development for a network that serves the major oil & gas operators in the region.


CSnet International and Radius Oceanic to connect to the POSEIDON System

Melbourne Beach, Florida – January 18, 2013CSnet International, Inc. (CSnet) is pleased to announce a Service Level Agreement with Radius Oceanic Communications, Inc. (Radius) to connect CSnet’s existing Offshore Communications Backbone (OCB) to the POSEIDON System. As an anchor tenant on POSEIDON, CSnet will be able to provide their scientific and government customers with secure, low-latency broadband oceanographic, seismic, and met-ocean data. Radius’ POSEIDON is a high capacity undersea cable system that will provide advanced telecommunications facilities to the offshore oil and gas industry in the Eastern Mediterranean region.


Portable Dynamic Riser, a Game Changer for Mobile Asset Communication

As Featured in the April Issue of Ocean News and Technology, www.oceannews.com

PDR winchThe Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) patented Portable Dynamic Riser (PDR) system provides a step change in the communications capability of any mobile asset that is working on existing subsea oil & gas fields. No longer are these valuable assets and the work that they are employed to perform limited to high cost, low bandwidth satellite, or microwave communication. The PDR provides the capability of direct fiber-optic communication at data rates up to full gigabit Ethernet with multiple gigE channels being available on a single fiber.

The PDR is a classically simple deployment system, using only proven deep water components, that provides a direct fiber-optic connection between a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) or or other facility, and an existing wet-mate connection point, typically an Umbilical Termination Assembly (UTA) that has a spare wet-mate fiber-optic connector available. The PDR system provides the primary communication path between the mobile facility and the production platform, which provides the fiber connection to shore. The now secondary satellite or microwave system then provides backup communications in the case of failure in the fiber network. With direct fiber communication, latency problems are removed, and decisions on data priority are redundant.

The self contained PDR system's small footprint and portability ensure that once one vessel has completed its in-field tasks, the system can be quickly de-mobilized, stored and as quickly and easily mobilized onto the next vessel that is working in the field.


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