Developing fiber optic networks. The need for secure, diverse, low latency network connections continues to grow as emerging technologies and applications drive increased needs. Ocean Specialists has provided network consulting to the majority of submarine cable builds since 1997. In fact, over the past 5 years OSI has had a leading role in subsea cable network builds totalling over US$1 billion in value. Our clients’ telecommunications projects have ranged in scope from regional to international networks in Asia Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Oil & Gas


Connecting onshore and offshore assets. Fiber optic cable networks are the most efficient, most secure and most reliable way to transmit information between offshore fields, and from offshore fields to onshore facilities. Oil companies use high-speed fiber networks to support risk management and improve field safety records, to vastly improve field monitoring, to greatly enhance remote field operations and to take advantage of real-time information that expands field economies. While radio, satellite and VSAT have historically been the most used methods of telecommunications between offshore platforms and onshore operations in the past, operators are now realizing that subsea cables provide a future-proof field solution that is both highly reliable and extremely secure.

Ocean Observing


Protecting the ocean environment. The planning and development of subsea ocean observing networks is partly driven by the collection and analysis of data such as oceanographic research, environmental baselines and long-term monitoring. This data also plays an important role in ocean science and technology. Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) supports ocean observing and research efforts, often through partnering with governments and NGOs across the world, to aid in the collection and analysis of industry research and good ocean resource stewardship.