OSI Approach

Subsea cables are the fastest, most secure and most reliable form of communication in the world. Developing a subsea telecommunications network is an intricate and complicated task, but one that can bring significant financial benefits to network owners. Identifying the opportunities and challenges that may occur during subsea cable project design, project development and network delivery is a critical part of the successful subsea cable process to maximize both cost reductions and revenue flow.

Each phase of your subsea cable project development can significantly impact the project schedule, financial implications and technical risks. Each phase must be managed and addressed early in the planning phase of the network to ensure the long-term viability of the subsea cable investment.

Within the framework of the network development process, our full life cycle approach includes:

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Support every step of the way. Throughout the project development process, the OSI team has access to over 140 professional resources through our sister company, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.. Through these resources, we benefit from industry-leading expertise in:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Permitting and regulatory risk assessments
  • Cable crossing and transit agreement support