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Oil & Gas, Telecom Submarine Network Gulf of Thailand




The longest network built to-date to serve both oil and gas and telecom customers was commissioned in early 2014 in the Gulf of Thailand. Beginning with initial technical and commercial feasibility studies in 2005, OSI worked to bridge the disparate ownership and operational needs of the oil and gas providers with those of a local telecom provider. 


Developing a unique commercial telecom and oil and gas hybrid business model that met the needs of all parties was the first step in developing this critical project. OSI supported the overall carrier selection and procurement process, and then moved to provide project management, quality assurance and oversight of planning, installation and commissioning activities on behalf of the oil companies. Now commissioned, the business model and network provides dedicated fiber service to eleven high value assets in the Gulf of Thailand as well as a critical express pathway for commercial carrier traffic running through the Gulf of Thailand.

Project Location: Northern GOM