Engineering, Design & Prototype Development

Ocean Specialists and its affiliated companies have a unique blend of engineers and designers to support new technology development for surface, mid-water and seabed technical challenges. Ocean Specialists can provide design services ( CAD/CAM ), electrical and mechanical engineering services, test and evaluation services and technicians to support the prototyping, development, and testing of deck equipment/deployment apparatus, surface and submersible vessels, and a wide range of marine technology tools and systems. We design and prototype marine systems in a timely and cost-effective manner supporting our customers that require a fast turn-around on a highly specialized marine system.

Developed to provide power and communications for long-term, in-situ observations, OceanHub is a subsea data hub that enables common oceanographic sensors to be connected to a submarine cable.


OSI develops specialized subsea engineering components and assemblies to address the specific needs of projects that we have worked on. One such example is our Constant Voltage Power Feed Equipment (CV PFE). This specialized PFE allowed us to operate a hybrid, telecom-ocean observing network, through a dual-conductor submarine fiber cable system. Click here for more information.

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