Subsea Data Network Planning

When planning a subsea or Submarine cable installation, there are a number of considerations that will affect both the price and the design of the network.

OSI supports the network planning process with:

  • Business case analysis to consider traffic intensity and system capacity, reliability and grade of service requirements, operational benefits of a fiber-based submarine cable network balanced against CapEx and OpEx budgets.


  • Development plans and partner identification to assess opportunities to share network or maintenance costs with other entities, identify which potential partners exist, and determine which present the best fit for short and long-term network priorities.

Oil & Gas

In addition to the above, planning that is specific to the Oil & Gas industry includes:

  • Potential for a lease block architecture review to leverage cost sharing opportunities, ensure operational efficiencies are optimized, engineer for in-field infrastructure needs and network protection requirements.


  • Life-cycle planning to address the beginning- and end-of-life cost modeling, bandwidth demand, network reliability and network maintenance requirements for current needs and for a fully future-proofed digital oilfield solution.

Our team has been assembled from a carefully selected group of submarine or subsea cable experts. Team members have experience as investors, owners, operators, installers and maintainers of submarine and terrestrial fiber optic networks. Our company has an intimate understanding of the role each party plays in network development and brings the right people together to create a project team designed to maximize success and protect the clients’ interests.

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